Anushri G

Mutable Instruments Anushri is a great synth (and more) I already built before.

Functionally identical to the original, except for:
dc power polarity safety
seperate pots for

  • saw
  • square
  • dco
  • sub-1

No sub-2
No hp, only lp / bp
No volume pot, but instead a pot to control the overdrive.

Wooden sides to increase warmth.

Jacks 6.3 mm

  • Input
  • Output
  • Drums

Jacks 3.5 mm

  • VCO cv IN
  • VCO cv OUT
  • PW cv IN
  • VCF cv IN
  • VCA cv IN
  • Gate IN
  • Gate OUT
  • Clock IN
  • Clock OUT

This time on veroboard :)

about 33 x 11 x 5 cm

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Synthforum (Dutch)


This page is presented for my personal enjoyment. I hope this page will also be an inspiration for diy-ers all over the world. This page is not meant to be a manual, so please don't contact me for guidance or support.
Thank you and enjoy.