Groove 48 PpQn

Groove is a code / software feature of all my midi devices that use midi clock.
Groove allows you to change the rhythm of 4 16th notes in a beat from 8T to straight to 16T by the turn of a simple knob.

Midi clock has a resolution of 24 PpQn (Pulses per Quarter note).
I double this resolution internally by simply adding an extra pulse after half the time between the previous midi pulses. This double resolution of 48 PpQn allows for more variations of Groove than possible using 24 PpQn.

The Groove parameter can change every beat, without stopping the midi device.



This page is presented for my personal enjoyment. I hope this page will also be an inspiration for diy-ers all over the world. This page is not meant to be a manual, so please don't contact me for guidance or support.
Thank you and enjoy.