RR 12 ECF env inv


When you scroll the rack down you can see we've now added a Spider Audio, Spider CV and a Sceam4.

This time the output of the Micromix is split using another Spider Audio. Each split is routed to a separate Scream4.

The Auto CV output of the second Scream4 is inversed using a Spider CV. The Auto CV output of the first Scream4 is merged with the inversed CV signal of the second using the same Spider CV.

This merged CV signal now controls the Filter Frequency of the ECF.

Button 3 now toggles either the first or the second Scream4 on. With the first Scream4 off, there’s no CV signal coming out its Auto CV output. This way only the second Scream4 controls the Filter Frequency. And since its CV signal is inverted using the Spider CV, the automatic envelope for the ECF is inverted as well.

So now you know how to create an automatic inversable envelope in Reason.