RR 13 AutoPhaser


Now that we have explored the idea to use the Scream4 to create an automatic level envelope, we can apply it for different effects.

Normally we would use the built-in modulator of the PH-90 phaser to get a smooth or swirly phasing effect. But the constant modulation of the built-in LFO can become a bit too repetitive on some tracks.

In this patch we use the automatic envelope to control a Phaser.

The AutoPhaser patch uses 3 phasers so we can have two kinds of operation. In the normal mode the audio signal is routed through 1 phaser. The automatic envelope controls the Frequency of the Phaser so both the left and the right channel are equally affected.

In Stereo Mode (Button 4 on the Combinator) both channels of the audio signal are routed through a separate phaser. The Frequency of the phaser for the right channel is inversely modulated by the automatic envelope. This way the phaser effect is in stereo and can add a nice touch to, for example, an acoustic guitar loop.

Button 4 toggles between normal and stereo mode. It does so by disabling and enabling the corresponding PH-90s.

Rotary 2 controls the amount of the automatic envelope by adjusting the master level of the bottom Micromix.

Rotary 4 controls the pan knobs for the two PH-90s when in stereo mode. This way you can adjust the width of the stereo effect when you use it on a mono source.