RR 14 AutoVerb


Another interesting way to use the automatic envelope is to let it control the level of an effects device in Reason.

In the patch AutoVerb.cmb the CV signal of the automatic envelope is routed to Level CV In of channel 2 on the Remix. The audio signal from the to devices output of the combinator is split and routed to channel 1 on the Remix. The split passes through a RV7000 and into channel 2 of the Remix.

With Button3 enabled the level fader of channel 2 on the Remix is set to 100 and the automatic envelope reduces the level. With Button3 disabled the level fader of channel on the Remix is set to 0 and the automatic envelope increases the level.

Button 1 mutes channel 1 on the Remix, so only the wet reverb is heard.

Rotaries 1 and 2 and Button 2 control the RV7000. You can easily exchange the RV7000 for another effect device, f.e. a chorus, to dynamically control its level.