RR 15 AutoEQ


In the previous examples we have routed the CV signal of the automatic envelope directly into the CV input of the parameter we wanted to control. But not every parameter has a corresponding CV input on the back of the device. To be able to control such a parameter with a CV signal we use the CV inputs of the Combinator.

The AutoEQ.cmb patch is very similar to the ECF_env_inv.cmb one. A Mclass Equalizer replaces the ECF.

On the back of the rack we can see the automatic envelope CV signal being routed into Rotary 1 CV input of the Combinator. Therefore the automatic envelope controls whatever we assign to Knob1 on the Combinator.

Rotary1 on the Combinator is assigned to control the Frequency of Parametric EQ1 of the Equalizer. Rotary2 controls the corresponding Gain, including negative Gain. And Rotary4 controls the width of the Parametric EQ, or Q. Button 1 enables Lo Cut and Button4 enables the Lo Shelf.