RR 26 Formant Filter


We use the Formant Filter in Thor for the Formant_Filter.cmb patch. This patch is slightly more complicated. I wanted to be able to use the automatic envelope on X or Y. For this the routing in the Modulation bus of Thor is altered.

CV in1 is the source for destination Filt3 X, Button2 the scale with an amount of 100. So Button2 enables the automatic envelope to control X. For Filt3 Y we use Rotary2 as controller. The extremes of Rotary2 therefore switches the automatic envelope on and off for Y.

Button4 on the Combinator simply toggles these two controls on Thor on, either one or the other.

Rotary4 on the Combinator controls the Gender Rotary of the Formant Filter.

Again, Button1 enables the inversed audio signal.

This is the end of the section Inversed Polarity Audio.