RR 32 MComp Simple Feed-Forward


On the back of the MComp there is a Gain Reduction CV Out. This ouputs the amount the compressor reduces the gain as a cv signal.

In the patch MComp_simple_ff.cmb this Gain Reduction is routed to the CV input of Rotary4. Rotary4 controls the Output Gain knob of the MComp. So at the same time the MComp tries to reduce the level of the audio signal, the Output Gain is raised. The Output Gain is raised more then the reduction of the compressor.

The result is that the audio signal, after the Threshold has been reached, will increase in level. This increase depends on the amount the input signal overshoots the Threshold and the Ratio set. The Attack and Release on the MComp control the attack and release of this increase in level.

In effect it adds a bit of sustain to sounds that trigger the compressor. And since the CV signal is routed forward in the audio signal chain, it's a feed forward effect, hence the name of the patch.