RR 34 MComp AutoGain Feed-Forward


The patch MComp_AutoGain_ff.cmb uses the same feed forward concept as MComp_simple_ff.cmb. This time we'll use Thor to control the amount of feed forward. The to devices output of the Combinator simply routes through the MComp, into the Remix back into the from devices input. The Gain Reduction CV Out on the MComp is routed into Thor's CV1 input.

When we look at the Modulation Bus on Thor we see the modulation routing. Source1 is CV In1 with destination1 CV Out1, Amount1 is set to 100. So the CV signal of the Gain reduction is routed through Thor. Scale1 is Rotary1 with an Amount1 of 100. This means that Rotary1 on Thor now controls the amount of the CV signal.

This CV signal is split using the Spider CV into 3 and merged again directly. This is to increase the level of the CV signal threefold. The merged CV signal is routed to Level CV In of Channel1 on the Remix, its trimpot set to max to allow for maximum control. So the Gain Reduction CV signal from the MComp now controls the level on Remix in a feed forward way.

Rotary4 on the Combinator controls Rotary1 on Thor, so it allows you to scale the effect.