RR 36 MComp Snap


The good thing about compression and limiting is it allows you to make an audio signal louder. The bad thing is it can make the sound lifeless when overdone. The patch MComp_Snap.cmb tries to bring back some life into overly compressed sounds.

The to devices output of the Combinator is split three way using a Spider Audio, routed into Channel1 and 2 on the Remix and into the MComp. The Remix is connected back into the from devices input on the Combinator. The Gain Reduction CV Out on the MComp is again routed through Thor to control the level of Channel1 on the Remix. Rotary1 on Thor again controls the amount of this CV signal. There is however one major difference. In the Modulation Bus of Thor you can see that Amount 1 for Source1 and Destination1 is set to -100, so the CV output is negative.

The more Gain Reduction on the MComp, the more the level of Channel1 on the Remix is reduced. This is controllable by Rotary4 on the Combinator, which in turn controls Rotary1 on Thor. With Rotary4 set high, this patch adds only the initial peaks of an audio signal to the original, thereby enhancing the transients.

This is the end of this section Dynamics.