RR 41 Stereoizer


In the patch MB_Stereoizer.cmb the to devices output of the Combinator is routed to the first MStereo. The crossover frequency is set low and the Solo button is set to Hi Band. This means only the frequencies above the X-Over Freq are sent out the normal Audio Output. On the back of the first MStereo the Separate Out switch is set to Lo Band. So only the audio below the crossover frequency is sent out this output. This Separate Output is routed into the first channel on the Remix. The normal Audio Output of the first MStereo is sent to the Audio Input of MStereo2.

The crossover frequency for MStereo2 is set higher than the first. Again the Lo Band is sent into a channel on the Remix and the Hi Band is sent into yet another MStereo, the third. This is repeated again and again. The Master Output on the Remix is therefore a combination of all frequency regions of the audio signal. So if we don't add any processing it will be identical to the input of the Combinator.

The crossover frequencies are set so that each frequency region, or band, has on average about equal strength. MStereo6, the last one in the chain, has its crossover frequency set to maximum: 6kHz. On each MStereo before the crossover frequency is set to half the previous frequency, so every band has the same amount of octaves in it.

The Malström is only used as a CV generator. Modulator A is enabled and set to Sine. The Mod A CV output is split threefold using a Spider CV. This split is routed to the Pan CV In of each even numbered channel on the Remix. The Inversed CV output of the Spider CV is split again. These reversed CV signals are routed to the Pan CV In of each odd numbered channel on the Remix, the first channel excluding. The trimpots below each Pan CV In on the Remix is set to 10 for channel 2 and increased for each following channel up to 60 on channel 7. This routing of CV signals ensures the highest frequencies of the audio signal to be panned to the max, the lowest frequency, channel 1, not panned at all.

Rotary4 on the Combinator controls the Input Width of the audio signal by adjusting the Lo and Hi width knobs on MStereo1. Rotary1 controls the panknobs on the MicroMix to adjust the width of the output signal. Rotary2 and Button2 control Modulator A on the Malström.