RR 42 Multiband De-Esser


Using the MStereo as a crossover splitter we can build another type of de-esser than the one described in the Dynamics section. In the patch MB_de_esser.cmb we use two MStereo devices to split the audio signal in three bands. By selecting the frequency of the crossovers to the offending frequencies we want to reduce in level we can isolate these offending frequencies. We then apply only compression to this band of offending frequencies. This patch sounds different than the patch MComp_de_esser.cmb because the crossover filter of the MStereo has a soft slope, that is: the Lo Band still contains some high frequencies and vice versa.

Of the three audio bands the one containing the offending frequencies comes out of Separate Out of MStereo2. This audio signal is split and routed to both the Audio Input of the MComp and its SideChain In. The Maximizers in this patch are again used as a delay to compensate for the greater than 0ms Attack of the MComp. Button4 on the Combinator enables this delay. When disabled the MComp receives an identical signal on both the normal and the sidechain input, so it functions as if there were no sidechain input. When the delay is enabled all three bands are delayed except for the sidechain input of the MComp.