RR 43 Multiband Stereobuss


By now the patch MB_stereobuss.cmb must seem pretty straightforward. I've only included it here because I use this patch on every track as an alternative to the default MClass Mastering Suite Combi.

The to devices output of the Combinator is connected to Micromix 'Input'. Button4 on the Combinator controls the panknobs, so you can check your mix in mono. The signal is then routed through a MEQ to remove the extreme low frequencies before the multiband processing begins. The signal is split in 4 bands. Each band is routed through a MComp into Micromix 'Output'.

Rotaries1-3 and Button1-2 control the four MComps. To be able to control the drive of the compressors you can adjust their input levels by adjusting the output level of Micromix 'Input', Rotary4 on the Combinator. The RV7000 is used as a mastering reverb with the higher the frequency of a band the more reverb is applied. The output of Micromix 'Output' is routed through yet another MEQ to able to enhance the high frequencies a bit more, Button3 on the Combinator. Finally the signal passes through a Maximizer.

This is the end of this section Multiband.