RR 62 AModulator [run]


The patch AModulator[run].cmb uses the routing capabilities of Thor to create the AM effect. The to Devices output of the Combinator is routed through an Audio Split into Audio In1 and Audio In2 of Thor. The audio output of Thor is routed back to the from Devices input of the Combinator through a Maximizer. Notice how the Step Sequencer of Thor is set to Run and Step Seq Trigger is activated. So Osc1 outputs a constant Sine wave at a pitch of C1. Using the Modulation Bus Osc1 is routed to CV Out1, the amount of which controlled by Rotary2. Rotary1 controls S.Transp, so Rotary1 transposes the C1 note of the Step Sequencer upwards.

On the back you can see how Modulation Output CV1 is connected to Modulation Input CV1. This CV input scales the output of Thor. Again there are two automatic envelopes to control both frequency and amount of the AM effect.