Rhythm Wolf Modifications

I modified my Akai Rhythm Wolf

So far:

  • Adjusted the Kick tune to my liking
  • Shortened the Snare (noise) Decay
  • Shortened the decay of the noise of Percussion
  • Independent Open Hihat Decay Pot
  • Reduced range Howl knob

Pictures of pcb and details of modifications at G+:

Video at YouTube

Kick Drum Decay
Some people want a longer decay on the kickdrum.
This part of the circuit is very much like a 808 BD. So the same mods apply. At the moment I don't need an extended decay, so you'll have to work it out by yourself. For a start: smd-records.com/tr808/?page_id=91

I sold this unit because the weird way midi sync was implemented.


This page is presented for my personal enjoyment. I hope this page will also be an inspiration for diy-ers all over the world. This page is not meant to be a manual, so please don't contact me for guidance or support.
Thank you and enjoy.