New room to play in :)

It's a basement: 616 x 369 x 228 cm, concrete walls, two small windows and a door in a corner.
Amroc room modes
Turning up the volume wasn't too much fun: strong room modes.
Moving the listening position around did make a huge impact though, but still..
So I decided to invest in some accoustic treatment.

I wanted an easy sturdy solution, space was not a real issue.
A full wall absorber seemed to be the answer.
Absorber calculator
The compromise is the type of absorber:
Loose and fluffy is the most efficient, but it needs structural support.
Thick and sturdy is easy to stack, but less efficient.

I opted for Rockwool Rocksono Base (Flow resistivity is about 10000 Pa.s/m2).
Already much better: less bass buildup :)

Wooden frame.

Almost done: fire retardent fabric.


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