Something I've been dreaming about is finally playable. I call it: Isotar.


What is it?

The neck of the GuiBoard has buttons as midi keyboard. The lower row starts left at C and the upper row starts left at G. So the upper row is the fifth of the lower.
The body has the usual keyboard controls on the left, inputs / outputs on top and an open (wooden) space on the right. Attached to this wood is a Digitar by Charlie Lab.

Why is it?

I like the interface of a guitar, that is: my right hand likes it. My left hand doesn't ;)

How is it made?

Well, I bought a Digitar and a Korg K25. I reverse-engineered the keys-pcb of the K25 and built it as the buttons on the neck. The controllers-pcb and the output-pcb of the K25 are still factory fresh (pcb = printed circuit board). Of course some wood and screws were harmed in the process. Still in some early alpha stage.

How is it used?

Put it on like a guitar. Hold it like a guitar. Press (no need to hold) the buttons to play a chord and strum or pick the Digitar.

What else?

Leave the Digitar be and attach a midi control surface to the wood. Now you can input notes / chords and control your favourite sequencer.

Why the name?

Because keytar is already used:)

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