Boss CE-3 G

Somehow I came across the inside of a Boss CE-3.
I decided to bring it back to live.

standard pedal power requirement: 9Vdc center pin negative ground
bypass switching removed (replaced Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 with wires)

Left to right:

  • effect highpass (R30 = 1kR + 100kR pot)
  • speed (R10 = 1kR), toggle (R52 = 2M2R||2M2R / 2M2R / 2M2R||1M2R) sets speed range
  • depth (R40 = 207kR), toggle (C25 = 22pF||22pF / 22pf / 22pf||100pF) sets delay
  • left balance dry / effect
  • right balance dry / effect
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