Reason Routings

This part of the website is dedicated to Reason, a great product by Propellerhead Software.

What makes Reason so unique is its ability to route audio and control voltage signals freely. It's this feature that I wish to explore throughout this part.

This part of the website is divided into different sections, each exploring a different idea. I recommend you to read and explore each section in a lineair fashion. You can page through each section using the previous and next buttons on the top right.

I'll try to explain and describe a number of patches that I've built. These patches fully utilize routing audio and control voltage signals, hopefully in ways different than you may already know. The information presented is of an advanced level. I assume you already know your way around Reason. So I'll not explain the basics.

Of course you could rebuild the patches yourself from the information provided. But you can also download them all as one refill. [Reason4]

© 2007 Geert Goltstein You are not allowed to use (part of) this website (including the patches) in any published way or shape without prior written permission by me. That said, I do grant you free use of the patches in your music, commercially or not. Of course Reason, ReCycle, ReBirth, ReWire, REX, ReFill and Remote are trademarks of Propellerhead Software AB